Grab the attention of your target audience

Innovative advertising printed matters

Advertising tools by Zinoz enable new promotional concepts for any brand that needs to stand out in the commercial landscape.

Zinoz uses a range of innovative technologies to get your message across: lenticular, lenticulite®, electroluminescence, LED and magnetic stickers .

Zinoz products and solutions can be scaled to nearly any format, from business cards up to the size of an entire building façade.


Improve visibility
Increase conversion
Show how your products work

About us

Zinoz is a leading supplier of innovative consumer products and advertising tools. With a focus on development, a team of engineers is continuously researching new concepts based on Zinoz' current electroluminescence (EL), lenticular, lenticulite® and LED technologies. Zinoz is specialised in high quality, cost efficient, small and large scale manufacturing and is represented in many countries throughout the world through its extensive distributor network.

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