Electroluminescence technology delivers unique lighting solutions for situations that require flexibility and high visibility. From wearable light-up fashion to a cover for an entire building face, Zinoz can deliver any size and shape.

Electroluminescence means that a material lights up when an electric current is applied to it. This light-emitting layer is sandwiched between two electrode layers, one of which is transparent. The power is supplied by a power driver. Both battery-powered and plug-in models are available.

Electroluminescence displays can be attached to nearly any surface, and are designed to withstand normal outdoor conditions. They are wafer-thin, light and flexible, and require little power.

A unique benefit of electroluminescence technology is that the picture remains visible even when no power is available. Electroluminescence solutions by Zinoz feature a reusable proprietary driver for optimal light output and maximum cost efficiency.

EL-technology is also great for fun and trendy products. Zinoz produces a spectacular EL-fashion line and home decoration products that harness the abilities of electroluminescence and lenticular applications in new and exciting ways.

We offer

Flashing effects
Light-up areas as requested
Any size
From shop displays to full wall decorations
Any Quantity
From a single panel to mass production
Any shape
From rectangle to circle or any requested custom design

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