Zinoz has been at the forefront of using LED technology in advertising panels. LED posters by Zinoz open up new flashing effects with high lumen output a and long operational lifetime.

LED products by Zinoz are designed for low-cost, maximum effect advertising applications. Through the use of sophisticated routing technology, Zinoz can deliver great looking LED posters that are sure to catch eyeballs.

Since its introduction in 1962, LED (short for light-emitting diode) has come a long way. Today’s LED lights work across the visible, ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, and can be extremely bright, while using very little power. Compact size and longevity are LED's greatest advantages, allowing exciting new text and video displays and even clothing.

We offer

Flashing effects
Light-up areas as requested
Any size
From shop displays to full wall decorations
Any quantity
From a single panel to mass production
Any shape
From rectangle to circle or any requested custom design