Use lenticular print work to win the battle for the attention of the customer! Standing out is mandatory in today’s commercial landscape. That’s where lenticular solutions comes in. Lenticular applications are perfect for situations where the illusion of movement or depth is beneficial. Use lenticular designs to show how something works, to indicate movement, or simply to create a fun eye catcher for your business!

Zinoz works with clients to create spectacular one-offs such as premium packaging for collectible consumer products, custom advertising expressions, semi-personalized marketing goodies, post cards, business cards, etc. Zinoz has the experience and the expertise to translate your wishes into a compelling visual experience.

Lenticular products have been around for quite some time, but recent advances in printing techniques and lens sheets have pushed the envelope of lenticular solutions. Zinoz has experience with large-size lenticular applications, perfectly suited for advertising purposes.

We offer

Many effects
Flip, morphing, zoom, 3D, rotation, animation, twist, zig-zag, explosion and more
Any size
From business cards to full wall decorations
Any quantity
From a single panel to mass production
Any shape
From rectangle to circle or any requested custom design

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