A Zinoz innovation! Combine electroluminescence with lenticular sheets to create new, exciting designs for a variety of applications. 3D electroluminescence is perfect for in-shop advertisements, point of sale displays, merchandising, and toys.

Lenticulite has the Wow-factor every marketing professional is looking for. It is the perfect technology for an audience that has become almost immune to print and LCD advertising. With Lenticulite, you can create fresh, exciting shapes and displays that leap out at you, instantly driving interest for your product, and adding class and excitement to your brand.

Lenticulite solutions by Zinoz are cost-effective, durable and feature a reusable driver.

We offer

Many effects
Light-up areas as requested combined with flip, morphing, zoom, 3D, rotation, animation, twist, zig-zag, explosion and more
Any size
From shop displays to full wall decorations
Any quantity
From a single panel to mass production
Any shape
From rectangle to circle or any requested custom design